ICCT 2022 Invited Speaker

Yao Sun, University of Glasgow, UK
孙耀, 英国格拉斯哥大学

Yao Sun is currently a Lecturer with James Watt School of Engineering, the University of Glasgow, Glasgow, UK. Dr. Sun has extensive research experience in wireless communication area. He has won the IEEE Communication Society of TAOS Best Paper Award in 2019 ICC. He has been the guest editor for special issues of several international journals. He has been served as TPC Chair for UCET 2021, and TPC member for number of international conferences, including ICC 2022, VTC spring 2022, GLOBECOM 2020, WCNC 2019, ICCT 2019. His research interests include intelligent wireless networking, network slicing, blockchain system, internet of things and resource management in mobile networks. Dr. Sun is a senior member of IEEE.