2020 20th IEEE International Conference on Communication Technology | Nanning, China | October 28-31, 2020

ICCT is a biennial conference series from 1986 to 2010 and an annual conference series since 2011.

The 20th IEEE ICCT | 2020 IEEE 20th International Conference on Communication Technology is sponsored by IEEE, Guangxi University, and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications; organized by School of Computer, Electronics and Information of Guangxi University, co-sponsored by UESTC, Chongqing University, Xidian University, Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Communication Society of Chinese Institute of Electronics, 54th Institute, CETC, China, and Science and Technology on Communication Networks Laboratory.
It will be held during October 28-31, 2020 in Nanning, China.

ICCT 2020 will always keep promoting the information exchange on communication technology, which aims to promote international academic exchange and international cooperation, and provides an opportunity for researchers around the world to exchange ideas and latest research results, in both theory and application of communication technologies. In addition to the technical sessions, there will be invited sessions, tutorials, keynote addresses and exhibitions.

Accepted papers will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE Xplore.

Submission Deadline (Final Call!!!): September 15, 2020

Important Notification
As the World Health Organization officially declared the novel coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic. The health and safety of all the participants are our first priority. Online presentation is acceptable if the author has the travel difficulty. Online Presentation Session will be arranged accordingly.

近年来,通信技术突飞猛进,通信产业成为全世界发展速度最快的产业之一, 市场对通信产业热度有增无减。

我们非常荣幸地宣布2020年第20届IEEE通信技术国际会议 (ICCT 2020) 将于2020年10月28日至31日中国·南宁 召开。
本次会议由 IEEE, 广西大学,北京邮电大学联合主办 , 广西大学计算机与电子信息学院承办, 电子科技大学, 重庆大学, 西安电子科技大学,重庆邮电大学, 中国电子学会通信分会, 中电54所,通信网信息传输与分发技术重点实验室联合主办,四川电子学会,重庆电子学会,四川大学, 西南交通大学为协办单位,成都信息工程学院,西华大学,西南民族大学,西南大学,以及Digital Communications and Networks 等单位提供技术支持

通信技术国际会议由中国通信学会与中国电子学会于1986年联合发起,会议内容涉及通信技术领域的各个方面,是我国通信技术方面最高水平的学术活动,同时也是一次信息和通信技术研究的国际盛会。会议自1986年创办以来,已经成功召开了19届, 会议关注通信技术的新理论及其应用,为通信技术及相关研究领域的专家、学者交流最新研究成果、探讨学术发展方向提供一个广泛的交流平台。欢迎广大从事通信技术的新理论及其应用教学、科研人员和学生踊跃参加。


本次会议所有文章将由程序委员会严格审核,所有录用论文将收录至会议论文集,并提交进入IEEE Xplore在线数据库, 并提交EI-Compendex, Scopus 等检索机构检索

IEEE ICCT 2020 已列入IEEE 官方会议列表


Journal Publication


EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking
Special Issue: Network Slicing Technology for 5G-and-Beyond Systems


Accepted and presented papers of IEEE ICCT 2020 will be included into the conference proceedings of IEEE presented at the conference, after further revision, the selected papers will be published in special issues. The authors of those selected papers will be invited to publish an extended version of a previously-published proceedings paper on EURASIP JWCN. Please make sure you have added at least 30% of a new contents. 

EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking (ISSN: 1687-1472)
1.408 - 2-year Impact Factor 影响因子
1.487 - 5-year Impact Factor 影响因子
Special Issue: Network Slicing Technology for 5G-and-Beyond Systems

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It is foreseen that in future mobile communication systems, networks will be abstracted into network slicing (NS), which enables design, deployment, customization, and optimization of isolated virtual sub-networks/slices on a common physical network infrastructure. As an overarching feature towards 5G-and-beyond to support all scenarios efficiently, network slicing enables design, deployment, customization, and optimization of isolated virtual sub-networks, or slices on a common physical network infrastructure. It has been attracting much attention recently from both academia and industry on the core network function virtualization. However, from the radio network aspect, spectrum- and cost-efficient radio air-interface to achieve the true potential of end-to-end network slicing for the future diverse radio system is still an open issue under discussion in academia and industry. While it is critical towards the full end-to-end slicing and gain the true potential for wide range of vertical industries and section including manufacturing, entertainment, public safety, public transport, healthcare, financial services, automotive and energy utilities.


IEEE ICCT 2020 Keynote Speakers

IEEE & IEICE Fellow 
Prof. Zhisheng NIU
TsinghuaUniversity, China

IEEE Fellow 
Prof. Baochun Li 
University of Toronto, Canada

Prof. Abbas Jamalipour
The University of Sydney, Australia

IEEE Fellow 
Prof. Ying-Chang Liang
UESTC, China


IEEE & IET Fellow 
Prof. Cheng-Xiang Wang
Southeast University, China

IEEE Fellow 
Prof. Nirwan Ansari
New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA

IEEE Fellow 
Prof. Marco Chiani
University of Bologna, Italy



ICCT Tracks

Track 1: Wireless Communications | 无线通信
Chair: Zhenhua Tang, Guangxi University, China
Track 2: Networking | 组网方式技术
Chair: Jin Ye, Guangxi University, China
Track 3: Information Theory | 信息理论
Chair: Xuejun Zhang, Guangxi University, China
Track 4: Signal Processing for Communications | 通信信号处理
Chair: Kan Chang, Guangxi University, China
Track 5: Cryptology, Information and Network Security

Chair: Baohua Huang, Guangxi University, China
Track 6: Optical Communications | 光通信
Chair: Zhangyuan Chen, Peking University, China
Co-chair: Songnian Fu, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

Special Session 1: Index Modulation for 6G Communications
Shuping Dang, King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia
Miaowen Wen, South China University of Technology, China
Shuaishuai Guo, Shandong University, China
Special Session 2: Integrated Energy Systems With Integration of Cyber Physical Systems
Hui Liu, Guangxi University, China 刘辉 副院长/教授 (广西大学电气工程学院)
Special Session 3: Vehicle communication and Internet of vehicles
Deqiang He, Guangxi University, China 贺德强 副院长/教授 (广西大学机械工程学院)

Important News!

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