ICCT 2022 Invited Speaker

Yindong Xiao, University of  Electronic  Science and Technology of China, China
肖寅东, 电子科技大学

For many years, he has been engaged in network testing and synchronization technology, high-speed signal generation technology, test system integration technology (including integrated circuit testing, network equipment testing, etc.) with computer technology as the core stone. As the PI or the main researcher, he has undertaken many national projects such as model projects, basic research projects, NSFC major projects, as well as various provincial and ministerial level and industrial cooperative research projects, with project funding of over 30 million RMB; he has won one first prize of scientific and technological progress at provincial and ministerial level; one research result has been identified as international advanced level by Sichuan Provincial Science and Technology Achievement. He serves as a reviewer for the internationally renowned academic journal ISA Transaction. As the main contributor of SpinalHDL, he researches the next-generation combined hardware and software HDL description language and related applications.

肖寅东, 电子科技大学 多年从事以计算机技术为核心平台的网络测试及同步技术、高速数据发生技术、测试系统集成技术(包括集成电路测试、网络设备测试等)。作为负责人或主研先后承担过型号项目,基础科研项目、国家自然科学基金面上项目等多项国家级项目,以及各类省部级和横向合作科研项目,项目经费超3000万元;获省部级科技进步一等奖1项;1项研究成果经四川省科技成果鉴定为国际先进水平。担任国际知名学术杂志《ISA Transaction》审稿人。作为SpinalHDL的主要贡献者,研究下一代软硬件结合的HDL描述语言及相关应用。