ICCT 2022 Invited Speaker

Chong Shen, Hainan University, China
沈重, 海南大学


Prof. Chong Shen, Hainan University, China Deputy director of Hainan University Scientific Research Office , Ph. D. , Professor, PhD supervisor. Candidate Tutor. Graduated from School of Electronic Information of Wuhan University, University of Strathclyde MPhil, Cork Institute of Technology Nimbus Centre for Embedded Systems Research Ph. D., Tyndall National Institute Post Doc、Senior engineer at Bell Labs Ireland Dublin. He has 23 core IP technologies related to Wireless Sensor Network and Internet of Things; Published more than 100 SCI and EI indexed papers; He has implemented projects from National Natural Science Foundation、Scientific Research Key Projects fund of Ministry of Education、International science and technology cooperation Key Projects of Hainan Province、Integrated innovation Key Projects of Hainan Province、Key Projects of Science and Technology Plan of Hainan Province、Natural Science Fund PCSIRT of Hainan Province and so on, There are more than 10 national and provincial scientific research projects. Project win the second prize of advance of science and technology of Hainan Province (First accomplisher); “Leading Talents” of High-level Talents in Hainan Province, Talents of “Nanhai Masters” Project in Hainan Province; The first-level candidate of the "515 Talent Project" in Hainan Province; the grantor of the special allowance of the State Council of China; Provincial and ministerial awards 5; Young scientists of the ministry of science and technology; Member of youth standing committee of China electronics association; Member of the Chinese association of Marine limnology; IEEE VTS senior member.